Monday, March 29, 2010



Pam Renshaw Bradshaw via Facebook

Now I Lay Me Down To Die is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Both myself and my boyfriend LOVED it! Way to go Terri. This is a MUST read!!

Lita Harris via

I loved this book. There are few books that hold my interest from beginning to end and this one did just that. I had tossed the book in my travel bag, hoping that I would find at least a few minutes to skim through it during stolen moments of my busy weekend. The book won. I finished the entire novel within a day and did not get anything done that I had planned to do. I liked it that much. The author's style is fun and light-hearted. The sassy self-appointed detective in training, who is constantly harassed by an oversexed ghost, is a joy to follow. I hope that Abby Morgan finds a few more mysteries to solve.

Terri Dryden via her Wordpress Blog

Darn, where have I been??? I’ll tell you. READING! There are so many things I need to get done for Christmas and what do I find myself doing but reading… Terri Grimes, it’s all your fault! Your book, “NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO DIE” is the best! I just can’t believe how it ‘grabbed’ me right from the start! See, that’s what I want to do when I grow up! Be able to write like that! I know this can’t be the end… I have got to go and order more of your books! Abby is wonderful, and I really didn’t know, quite honestly, if I would enjoy this type of book. You see, I was skeptical at first. BUT, (and the butt here is me!) it was fantastic!!! I love the mystery, romance and of course the actions of Duke! He’s a pip!!!


Carmel Magazine
You’ll love eating her words Click on article link to read the rest of the two pagfge article.

Julie Brown via

I just finished purchasing Cooking with Friends and I can't decide which recipe to try first!! This is a great cook book whether you are just learning how to cook or an accomplished chef. She adds little tips and commentary with each recipe which is very unusual and helpful. This cookbook not only has downhome recipes, but new weight watcher recipes. What more could a person want?? I am just hoping she will have a Cooking with Friends 2!!!

Rosemary Lalama via

I absolutely love this book! I am not a cook but found the recipes in this book easy to follow. I am buying copies for all my friends as gifts. Especially wedding gifts! This is a beautiful book! The food I have made from it's recipes so far were delicious!
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