Saturday, September 29, 2007

Carmel Magazine

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Carmel Magazine’s October issue is finally out. I’ve been waiting since August for this issue! The following article ran in the October 2007 issue of Carmel Magazine on pages 44 and 45. Ashley did a wonderful job with the article and I am so pleased with it. And Perry’s pictures were great, although he didn’t airbrush my double chin out like I asked him to. Oh well.

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Friendly Fare
You’ll love eating her words

Terri Grimes has an unusually deep understanding of food cravings. The Carmel Indiana writer once survived for a month on clear liquids while battling pancreatitis.

Even through the discomfort she couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate cake, her grandmothers biscuits and other favorite foods. Because she couldn’t taste such delights, she chose the next best thing. “I decided if I can’t eat, I’m going to write about it,” she said, so she compiled her best recipes and asked her loved ones for submissions. She had only one submission requirement; each recipe had to be one of that person’s true favorites.

The result is “Cooking With Friends,” a new cookbook of more than 200 recipes geared toward the everyday cook. The book includes traditional dishes, such as hash brown casserole and shortbread cookies, as well as recipes for non-edible items, such as weed killer and Play-doh.

Grimes’ seven year old granddaughter even submitted a Goulash recipe, with such ingredients as “vinegar sauce” and “the curled up kind of macaroni.” Cooking is a family tradition for Grimes’ and many of her recipes are borrowed from her late grandmother, Lottie Smith.

“She never measured anything – a pinch of this and a palm full of that – and she never wrote down her recipes,” Grimes said. “In her later years, I sat down an watched her cook and wrote everything down.” “Cooking With Friends” is available at and many local bookstores.

Up next for Grimes is another cookbook, “Cooking With Hoosiers.” Scheduled for publication in November, “Cooking With Hoosiers” will feature hearty Hoosier recipes and include a chapter of favorite foods from the Indiana State Fair.